Stop distractions when studying

TimeIvy is a smart time tracker for Mac that helps you stay focused as a student, in a rewarding way.

Free forever. No credit card.

Used by top students like you

A better way to stay focused

Instead of blocking websites like other apps, TimeIvy encourages you with positive motivation.
Zero punishment, all the fun and better results.


Start a focus session:

Set the timer and get ready to study. TimeIvy will detect the apps and websites you use on your computer.

Your plant will grow while you
focus on your task.

Productive apps and websites are OK.

If you open a distracting website
or app, it dies.

e.g. Social media, videos, shopping, etc.


Schedule focus sessions

Block time to build habits. Start a focus session at any time, or in the future, with the option to recur as needed.


Take care of yourself

It's easy to keep going on long study sessions. But taking breaks improves your productivity and is good for your overall health.

Let TimeIvy remind you with configurable break reminders. 

Make progress, stay motivated

Unlock and collect new plants while earning points as you progress.

Plants have different growth requirements (some die with just a few seconds distracted). So you challenge yourself and keep it interesting and fun.

More than 489,448 minutes of productive time by people around the world.


Get a nudge when you need it

It's easy to get distracted with social media, news, videos, etc. These industries are intentionally designed to steal your attention. So TimeIvy will help you to get back on track.


Budget your time

20 min of social media is enough for a day. Or not. Create daily limits and get reminders when you hit them so you are always in control.

Ready to take control of your time?

It's FREE. No credit card.

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