👋 Hi, I’m Jimmy.

I'm a procastinator and a workaholic.

I’m also the founder, engineer, designer and customer support at TimeIvy.

I started TimeIvy because I grew tired of spending a lot of time in front of the computer. But feeling like I was getting nothing done and having no idea why.

Even worse. Seeing my goals move further away every day.

I couldn’t understand. I was working hard. Long hours. To the point that one day I woke up with pain and numb fingers on my left hand. Doctors said it was cubital tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel’s cousin). Plus RSI, due to overuse of my hands.

I had to make changes.

I tried every app out there. Every “productivity hack” that could help me avoid old habits and take care of myself. But it all felt like forcing me into doing things or simply too much effort to adopt in the long term.

Everything changed when one day I wrote a simple script to log the apps I was using on my computer along with a brief note.

Something had finally worked! Reviewing my logs I understood I was overworking, continuously distracted. Working on the wrong things. Multi-tasking. You name it.

Understand first, then change.

Change the way you manage your time, forever.

It's FREE. No credit card.

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Helping you make the best of your time.