Focus. Boom,

TimeIvy keeps you focused and motivated to get stuff done 💪

Stop distractions and win back your time so you can enjoy the things you love.

"LOVE it!! It keeps me accountable
without punishment, unlike other apps" — Jess

How it works

TimeIvy automatically captures the apps and websites you use during the day and classifies them by productivity level.

Start a focus session with a plant

Different plants will vary in growth requirements, such as productive time and you taking breaks.

Your plant will grow while you stay focused

Using productive apps and websites will keep your plant growing.

Get distracted, and it’ll die :(

If you open distractions, such as social media, videos, shopping, etc, your plant will slowly die.

Know where you spend your time

No need to manually start and stop timers. All is automatically captured and categorized.

Understand exactly how much time you spent on apps and websites every day and take action towards your goals.

Your time, your way

Prefer Pomodoro® style sessions? Plant a tomato plant. Plants have different requirements to grow, so you can experiment and do what works best for you.

Stay accountable

Everything you do is categorized by productivity level to help you get a better picture of your day. 

Loved by the most productive people

Gain back 2+ hours of productive time every day, on average (that's 30 days in a a year!). Imagine what you can accomplish with that time!

"This app has literally changed my life, no joke! 2 weeks using it and I've finally finished a project I had procastinated for months. A++ recommended!"

David Miller

Developer, Entrepreneur (early user)

"...It's like forest and rescue time had a child. This is a gem for productivity! I honestly cannot live without it now. I helped me understand how much time I was wasting on non-important sites that do nothing for my personal development"

Marie Lultz

Freelance copy-writter (early user)

Are distractions stealing
your attention?

Social media, news, videos, etc. Entire industries devoted to capture your attention and waste your life. Stop them and reclaim your focus.


Pre-order now and
get a lifetime deal

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One-time payment.
No subscriptions, yours forever. 

Risk-free pre-order. You will NOT be charged until the day of the release. Guaranteed to help you getting things done, or I'll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

"TimeIvy will give you back hundreds of hours. But even if it was just one hour, it'll have paid for itself already." 

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How does pre-ordering work?

You'll get a much better deal now as a one-time payment of $29, instead of a monthly subscription, once TimeIvy is launched. 

Also, you will NOT be charged until the day of the release (via Gumroad).

After your pre-order, you'll receive a confirmation email and be added to the priority list. So, you'll be first to have full access to it.

When will TimeIvy be launched?

TimeIvy is under active development. I'm hoping to release it in June of this year. But of course, the sooner the better. I keep in touch with our early-supporters and send periodic behind-the-scenes. Also, I'm more than happy to collect feedback for new ideas, suggestions, etc.

Will I be able to cancel?

Absolutely! If you change your mind, at any point before the release, just email me and I'll send you a refund. If you're not happy with TimeIvy after the release or would simply like your money back, you can request a refund within 30 days. No hesitation.

I'm passionate about making products that provide value and I'm confident in TimeIvy. But overall, I would like you to be happy! The only thing I might ask you one single question about how I can improve.

Is there a Windows version available?

Yes. But I'll be launching the Mac app first, just because I would like to provide the best experience to TimeIvy's users and doing "too much at the same time", sems like a riskier approach.

The good news is that TimeIvy for Windows version is already in late stages of development. So a launch is coming soon! 

Leave your email address here and I'll drop you an email before anyone else, when it's ready.

Do you have any questions?

Say hi on Twitter @jimmybarranco. (hint: I might be busy finishing TimeIvy, but I'll do my best to reply asap ;)

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