How to Create a Productive Mindset
Our minds have a peculiar habit of altering our reality. We become not only who we work hard to be, but who we believe internally we are. And so, when it comes to motivating ourselves in work or personal endeavours, our mindset plays a weighty role.
Maybe you want to excel in your job, get a promotion or start adhering to a regular exercise regime. Maybe you want to nurture a close relationship or learn a new and challenging skill. Whatever it is you strive to do, it won’t drop in your lap by magic or knock on your front door and gift you with it. We can only attain goals with a certain level of productivity, which in itself can’t be done without first nourishing and encouraging that little voice in your head telling you to do better.
Much like manifesting, changing regular thought patterns to enlightening ones is the initial step to creating productive behaviour. Like that cheesy old saying, we must believe in order to achieve. Though it may sound easy, most of us are well aware that it isn’t.
It can be daunting to dig yourself out of a rut or to provoke inspiration when all you want to do is sit and binge eat in front of the TV. Positive thinking can seem impossible when you’re feeling down and out, and it can be taxing to change routines or become someone other than we feel like being. But, at all times, a healthy mindset exists within us, no matter how idle we feel. With the right steps and the right attitude, you can begin to transform an unhelpful mentality and alter it into one that produces better results.
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5 Tips to encourage productive thinking

1. Move your body

Exercising, even for 15 minutes a day, drastically impacts your mindset. It’s not only good for you physically, but it is also good for your body and soul. Find a form of exercise that you truly enjoy and get going. Walk, cycle, and join a yoga or Pilates class. With each movement, you will gain an uplift in energy and a subconscious belief that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

2. Know your limits

Don’t overdo it at the office or spend late nights by your laptop smashing out hefty work assignments. Sure, every now and then you’ll need to work overtime to get ahead but be careful not to make it a habit. When we over-achieve, we tend to worsen anxiety, stress and lazy actions. Learn to know when enough is enough and give yourself any reprieve that your brain needs.

3. Acknowledge your thoughts

That tiny voice in your head can either help you or dishearten you, and only you can decide to either alter it or succumb to it. Speak kindly to yourself, compliment your wins, and go easy on the losses. The more you tell yourself that you’re productive, smart, kind, proficient, talented etc, the more you’ll begin to trust it. Try to catch yourself when any negative thoughts arise too and make a conscious effort to change them. Thoughts like “I’m too unmotivated to finish this” should sound more like, “I am completely capable of accomplishing this”. Talk to yourself as you would a dear friend because you alone are the best friend you’ll ever have.

4. Get out of the house

Leave the comforts of your home when you’re becoming too reliant on its cozy ambience. There’s nothing wrong with a lazy day here and there or resting when your body tells you to. Though, don’t let it become the norm or the expected. Make yourself attend social events or schedule a meeting in person. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will rejuvenate and refresh your mind.

5. Practice gratitude

When you recognize the positive people and experiences in your life, both big and minuscule, you train your mind to accept abundance into your life. Gratitude reminds you of all the aspects that you’re lucky to have and helps to induce unlimited positivity. When this happens, you’ll start to embrace a much happier mindset.

6. Avoid putting too much energy into meaningless habits

Don’t waste time and energy on activities or habits that are mindless. Browsing the web or playing Candy Crush for three hours won’t promote positive vibes. While it’s ok to relax and get lost in these activities occasionally, overdoing it promotes negative thinking and often means you’ll go to bed feeling angry at yourself for not doing more with your day.

Change your routine

If your routine is unstructured or missing elements of healthy and mindful tasks, chances are you will have a very difficult time altering your mindset and finding an ounce of productivity. Having a schedule to stick to gives your mind the pressure and the balance it needs in order to prosper.
To help elevate your mindset, here are a few ways that you can create a healthier routine:
  • Create a schedule Monday to Friday and include all key details
  • Wake up at the same time each day
  • Exercise at the same time each day
  • Make time for significant personal relationships
  • Reduce mindless browsing and TV time
  • Have a bedtime routine
  • Read inspiring articles or self-care books
  • Follow a new routine for at least two weeks straight
A constructive routine will only complement a productive mindset. With all these steps working together, you will give yourself the chance to shine and knock down any sturdy doors.
Caitlin Kerr

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Caitlin Kerr