7 Reasons You’re Feeling Unmotivated
Motivation is a luxury, a simple behaviour that benefits all aspects of our lives, from personal relationships and ambitions to work growth and fitness regimes. It’s the simple thing we all hope to maintain, but as life changes and our schedules become hectic, we lose sight of it and veer in the opposite direction.
Suddenly, the days feel shorter, the TV more attractive, mindless browsing addictive and the sofa becomes a kind of refuge or safe space that you can barely get up from. But, as we all know, there is more to life than giving in to a lack of motivation. So, we tell ourselves – the next day we’ll do it, the next week, the next year – until the task smacks us in the face and we’re forced to do something about it. Or a worse scenario, we miss out entirely on an opportunity to better ourselves.
Wouldn’t life be easier if we could just jump out of an unproductive rut with a zest for energy and follow the yellow brick road to success? Definitely. But unfortunately, we’re all victims of the glittery and alluring promise of idleness. Motivation takes effort, a consistent routine and a change of both mindset and lifestyle. Time doesn’t pause for us or slow down to meet our expectations, the only influence we have over it is what we do with it.
If you’re seeking motivation but can’t seem to attain it, it can be helpful to first understand why you’re feeling that way so you can redirect your pattern or rejig your outlook.
Here are 7 likely reasons you’re feeling unmotivated lately:

1. You lack purpose or intent

If you’re all over the place, it’s beyond difficult to get motivated. Especially when you have no real goal or intention of trying. If you lack a desire to better yourself or don’t give yourself the time to think long and hard about what you want to do next, it can be really hard to find inspiration.

2. Your schedule is too jam-packed

In some cases, it’s good to be busy and there are elements of busyness that help us to propel forward in life, though a messy or crammed schedule can sometimes have a different effect. After too many late nights or stressful mishaps, we tend to subconsciously give up because our bodies are craving a break. So, give yourself a day off when needed, but know when it’s time to get moving again. And before you continue trying to sustain the hustle and bustle, adjust things and leave a little space for breathing room.

3. Your confidence needs some fine-tuning

Self-worth and confidence are so important, and it can be a struggle to accomplish anything without them. How we view ourselves often reflects how others view us and how we go forward in our lives. If motivation is absent, evaluate the way you speak to and treat yourself. Kind words aren’t just meant for strangers or family and friends, they’re also essential to you. Be kind to yourself and appreciate the attributes that make you uniquely you. And if necessary, don’t be afraid to speak to a professional or do some true inner work.

4. Negativity is clouding over you

Negativity is like a big dark cloud that hinders our perception. Examine the people, places and experiences that bring this dark energy to fruition, and don’t forget to look within, because you could be the cause for it. It has a habit of blocking you from getting up and going or stopping you from forging ahead. If you tell yourself I’m never going to go for that run, the truth is, you probably won’t. So, change your thought process regularly, or at least be more aware of its consequences.

5. You’re setting unrealistic goals

How often have elders told you “You’re not being realistic”? Probably plenty. And often, you shouldn’t listen if it’s holding you back from something you’re truly passionate about. But things take time and there is often a process to get wherever it is we want to go. So, start setting small goals, one at a time, so the idea of completing them isn’t overwhelming.

6. A healthy routine is nonexistent

It can be challenging to create a routine that works for you and to stick with it; however, it’s a proven fact that one can create a sense of structure and form habits. Therefore, look at your daily practices and see which elements are deterring your productive nature or causing unhealthy habits to flourish. Things like regular walks or healthier meal options can give our minds and bodies the juice they need to succeed.

7. Time is being wasted

With so many distractions at our very fingertips, it’s extremely easy to sink our time into things that don’t benefit us in the long run. Whether that’s too much time on the phone, a meaningless task at work or too many episodes of Netflix’s latest thriller, be aware of where you’re spending your minutes, hours, and days and if you need a little help assessing it all, use an app like TimeIvy to track your productivity. It’ll give you a subtle nudge and a friendly reminder to make better choices.
These obstacles are just some examples of what could be holding you back. We’ve all heard that old, familiar saying – Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it wasn’t. But much like Rome, you won’t be able to turn your small-town self into a prosperous city if you don’t do something different.
Motivation and success are like peas in a pod, you can’t become a version of yourself that you’re proud of or obtain positive outcomes unless you’re determined to get there. Though, don’t feel guilty for lacking ingenuity at times or taking a step back to reassess. Just make sure you don’t stay in that space past the expiration date.
Caitlin Kerr

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Caitlin Kerr